Is Pinterest right for your business?

Did you know that Pinterest is the third most used social channel in use, after only Facebook and Twitter? According to a Pew Research Center study from late 2012, about 15 percent of social media users use Pinterest, and the typical demographics of these users are that they are:

  • Women
  • White, non-Hispanic
  • 18-49 years old
  • Graduated college
  • Make between $50,000-$74,999

If this sounds like the target market, you might want to consider setting up a business account on Pinterest.

Before we go further, let me back up and give a quick explanation of Pinterest. This is a social media site that, according to Pinterest, “helps people collect and organize the things they love.” People can pin and repin things, especially visual images, to boards, which are collections of related pins. For businesses, this can be a way to drive traffic back to your site. If you were a restaurant, you could pin pictures of  tempting dishes, recipes, or ideas for setting a beautiful table. Own a furniture store? You could pin ideas for turning small nooks in your house into places to read or to store books. The idea — as is always the case with content — is to share thoughts regarding what your audience cares about, not necessarily your products. Social media is about starting a conversation before you ever anticipate converting to a sale.

If you’re interested in setting up a Pinterest for Business account, visit the Pinterest section dedicated to business users. In this section, you can get an overview of what Pinterest is, how some other brands are using it, and get started setting up your own account. To see additional information, check out this unofficial Pinterest blog, and especially the marketing section, for some helpful “getting started” advice and ways to encourage activities like getting more repins.

Another recent development for businesspeople is the introduction of Pinterest analytics. You can use this tool from Pinterest to see what about your content people are responding to and repinning. It can also tell you how much traffic Pinterest is driving back to your site. To use this tool, you must have a verified website and be using Pinterest’s new look. This article from SwellPath provides even more information about the kinds of information you can track with the new tool.   

For more best practices about using Pinterest for business, I thought you might like this infographic from, posted on (below). Then let me know about your experience using Pinterest as a business.

The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business


2 thoughts on “Is Pinterest right for your business?

  1. bmambers

    Great post!! I love the Infographic you shared. I think Pinterest can be very useful to companies because honestly this is the only social media platform that I have actually purchased something from. It’s a great way to find things you love and for marketers, it can really give you some serious customer intelligence. For example I love to cook so majority of the items on my page are recipes that I can’t wait to try. Based on this information I would definitely be likely to follow a food brand that provided unique recipes that I would be interested in trying. I would even welcome sponsored content on my following page because I have such a heightened interest in new recipes. Pinterest is great way for consumers to share what they like with friends but since it’s a public forum they are also sharing this information with marketers.

  2. celeste Post author

    Thanks for the insights on Pinterest — I agree it has a lot of potential to businesses because of the visual nature. I ran across this infographic today (created by, downloaded from that showed an experiment they ran on Pinterest — with a picture of kale. The bottom of the infographic shows the results in just 24 hours. Pretty interesting! Check it out at


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